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Downtown St Petersburg
Professional Services

Providers of personal and professional services are located throughout Downtown. Whether you're seeking vehicle service,
legal advice, professional real estate services, healthcare, framing, or the perfect spa, it's all Downtown.
Downtown St Petersburg Services
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300 Beach Dr NE, St Petersburg
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The most exciting waterfront shopping experience includes restaurants, shops, and professional services. Just 1 block south of 400 Beach.
531 Central Ave, St Petersburg
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Rare Gemstone Boutique and Full-Service Jeweler owned and operated by a GIA Certified Gemologist. Stop in for the ultimate rock experience featuring rocks, minerals, and handcrafted fine exotic gemstone & diamond jewelry.
Salon / Beauty / Barber
108 4th St N - Appointment Required: Text or Call, St Petersburg
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at Parkshore Plaza
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Medical, Health & Fitness
501 6th Ave S, St Petersburg
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Downtown St Petersburg MAP
Thai Massage, Mobility, Yoga, Mobile Sessions. By appointment only. Check website for upcoming events and classes!
1200 7th Ave N, St. Petersburg
From St Pete Pier to Grand Central Station, St. Petersburg
Downtown St Petersburg
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Hop aboard the Downtown Looper Trolley and find the most convenient way to Discover Downtown. Connect to all the city’s major museums, attractions, shopping, restaurants, and hotels. See detailed information on the Downtown Map.
downtown, surrounding districts & neighborhoods, St. Petersburg
from Beach to 'Burg
Tampa Bay's very first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project offering a modern, fast transportation service. An easy way to get from Beach to ’Burg and anywhere in between in about 35 minutes, will officially begin service on Friday, October 21, 2022. The bus will run every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes during the evening with limited stops and semi-exclusive travel lanes.