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Hop aboard the Downtown Looper!

Great for visitors, residents & employees. Park your car once and use the Looper to get around Downtown. Linking shopping, museums, art galleries, Beach Dr and hotels, the Downtown Looper is a fantastic way to Discover Downtown.
Daily Service to Downtown St Petersburg Every 15 minutes - Click for Route & Stops
Downtown Looper
Looper Trolley Stops
At the Beach Drive Parking Lot Trolley Station
Downtown Parking / Transportation MAP
On Bayshore Dr just North of the Pier Approach
Downtown Parking / Transportation MAP
5th Av N between Beach Dr & Bayshore Dr
Beach Dr between The Birchwood & Moon Under Water
Near corner of 1st St & 2nd Av N
Near corner of 4th St & 2nd Av N
1st St between 3rd & 4th Av S
1st Ave N - Pedestrian Entrace to Sundial Garage